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What to Expect When You Have or Not have an Home EV Charger?

Is it convenient to use electric vehicles for daily use without home EV charger?

● Whether there is a home EV charger or not, there is really an essential difference for daily use experience! Even if there is a charging location opposite your home, it is not as convenient and secure as installing a 7kW AC charger directly in the garage.

● It is really inconvenient to not have a charger installed at home! Can you imagine the pain of driving from home to a public charging location on a thunderstorm night? Although this does not happen every day, once is enough!

● For a city where EV charger are not very popular, installing EV home chargers is no longer a matter of inconvenience, but a must.

● There is a large commercial district next to my community. There are supercharging locations built by other car companies in it. I used to go there to charge my car, but it may be because they are not the same brand. Occasionally, charging will be interrupted due to incompatibility. So I wouldn’t have to deal with this if I had my own home EV charger.

● It is really inconvenient without a home EV charger installed! Especially for non-operating cars, there is no need to pursue charging speed every time.

● It is very necessary to install a home EV charger! Is there anything more frustrating than charging at an open-air location in the 40℃ temperature in summer?

● It is also very convenient without a home EV charger. Because there are some fast commercial EV chargers installed in our company, we can charge directly at the company’s charging location which integrated solar panel and battery storage systems every day when we go to work. The electricity generated by photovoltaics is clean and green.

● Although there are more and more charging stations now, there are also more and more electric vehicles. Every time I go, I have to wait and pay the parking fee. It is convenient to install a 22kW smart home EV charger. I usually go home and park the car directly then just plug in the connector and that’s it. I set charging schedules on my mobile app then it’ll charge when the electricity is cheapest.

● There is no inconvenience. Because the frequency of use of the car is not very high every week, I usually drive it to and from get off work. The car has a battery life of 600 kilometers. I only need to go to the charging location in the nearby shopping mall to charge it once a week. When I go shopping and come back from a meal, the car will be full.

● Not to mention convenient, it is true to save money! Now the charging locations outside are getting more and more expensive, especially in the central area and the locations with good service. Although the charging experience is indeed guaranteed, the charging fee is really high. It is not the same to install a home EV charger, the electricity bill can basically be ignored.

Most EV drivers do 80-90% of their charging at home, so installing an EV charger in your home is a correct and wise choice.