OCPP EV Charging Solutions

Home EV Charger

Level 2 32A Fast Up To 22kW Basic Home EV Charging Station

The charger for you who prefer easy and safe charging. Just plug in your car and we will do the rest!

  • Input Rating: 1-phase 230V±20% ; 3-phase 400V±20%
  • Output Rating: 1-phase 7kW 32A ; 3-phase 22kW 32A
  • Internal RCD: AC 30mA & DC 6mA IEC62955 & IEC61008 certified
  • Ingress Protection:  IP55
  • Shipping Dimensions: 500 x 383 x 198 mm; 500 x 383 x 243 mm
  • Charging Interface: SAE J1772 & Type-2 cable/ Type-2 socket/ T2S Socket with Shutter
  • Mounting Type: Wall or Floor( pedestal supplied separately)

Simple and safe EV charger for home

The charger for you who prefer simple and safe charging. Any EV driver can recharge their car battery by simply plugging the charging connector.

Main features:

  • Compatible with all cars
  • 1-Phase 7kW & 3-Phase 22kW available
  • Both socket & tethered version available
  • Simple ‘Just Plug and Play’ operation
  • Unique installation design with independent backplate
  • Streamlined design, simple and elegant appearance
  • AC 30mA & DC 6mA current leakage protection IEC62955 & IEC61008 certified

Make life safer

IOCAH10-N is a simple yet functional electric vehicle charger. Users don’t need to think about complicated configuration or installation and can always trust it’s reliability.

IOCAH10-N also supports dynamic load balancing to protect local grid network from overloading and ensure the most efficient use of the available power between EV Chargers and other home appliances. Iocharger load management hub “IOCLMP” is required to connect to IOCAH10-N charger by RS485 wire for the communication. CT connecting to IOCLMP would measure real-time electrical usage, thus to output the maximum current available for EV charging.

Make life easier

Just plug in your car and we will do the rest! You can start/stop the charging session via RFID card or charger physical button. We guarantee its safety and simplicity so that you can fully enjoy your charging experience without other measures.