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About iocharger

iocharger, a registered brand of Xiamen Galaxy Camphol Technology CO., Ltd., is a state level High-tech company operating at the core of the renewable energy transition, with R&D centers and production bases in Xiamen, Suzhou and Luoyang. 

We’re providing premium, smart end-to-end energy solutions, including CE&UL certified AC/DC EV Charging Stations, CSMS(Charging Station Management System), ESS(Energy Storage System) and EMS(Energy Management System), with reliable hardware & software design.

As a member of OCA(OCPP) & OCPI, our OCPP 1.6J & 2.0.1 EV Chargers have been approved by top charging operators, gas stations and utilities all over the world. We were presented as one of the first OCPP 2.0.1 certifying companies during the EVS36 in Sacramento, California.

iocharger is committed to providing customers with satisfactory products and solutions through continuous innovation and unremitting pursuit of high quality to make our world more green and sustainable.

Why Choose IoCharger?

Professional OCPP EV Charging & Energy Management Solution Provider

iocharger is a state level High-tech company specializing in new energy industry, with business covering EV Charging solutions, Energy storage and management solutions, and other IoT solutions

OCPP 1.6J full profiles implemented including smart charging, OCPP2.0 upgradable

Electric protections include over current, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, ground fault, lightning surge, over temperature

Supporting various installations such as IT, TN-S, TN-C and TN-C-S

OCPP server, Internet connection, Max current output and other system configuration on the webpage via PC, PAD and Mobile phone

Dynamically distributing the output power in a system with other devices, depending on the available power

Dynamic phase balancing allows our system to handle both one-phase and three-phase charging simultaneously, thereby optimizing the use of all available power while preventing grid imbalance.