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Quebec’s Electric Public Transport Network Set to Expand with Over 1,200 New Buses

The Canadian federal government and the Quebec provincial government have teamed up to launch North America’s most extensive electric bus procurement project. The initiative aims to reduce traffic pollution, enhance the sustainability of public transportation, and achieve a comprehensive green transformation of public buses.

According to official reports, the federal government will invest over CAD 780 million, while the Quebec provincial government will invest more than CAD 1.1 billion to support the procurement of 1,229 electric buses and strengthen Quebec’s electric public transport network. By replacing 20% of Quebec’s existing bus fleet of traditional fuel buses with electric buses, the initiative aims to mitigate emissions and greenhouse gas emissions.

It is estimated that the purchase of these electric buses will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 375,000 tons in Quebec by 2030, equivalent to the emissions of 244,000 cars from 106,000 households. This project is part of Quebec’s recent efforts to promote green energy and reduce emissions, aligning with the Canadian federal government’s national plan to invest in electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Apart from improving the quality and efficiency of public transportation, the initiative is expected to create job opportunities, increase income for the local area, and bring positive economic benefits to Quebec. Furthermore, it will contribute to the development of sustainable transportation and environmental protection technology in Canada.

In a statement, Canadian federal Environment and Climate Change Minister Jonathan Wilkinson said, “This investment will not only improve transportation in Quebec but also create new job opportunities, improve air quality, and enhance the quality of life for residents. It is another step towards a greener and more sustainable future.”

Overall, this electric bus procurement project is a critical investment by the Canadian and Quebec provincial governments in environmental protection and sustainable development. It demonstrates their commitment to advancing the green transformation of public transportation and promoting the development of sustainable transportation and environmental protection technology.