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How to choose a Charging Station for Home and Workplace

Buying a private charging station is a relatively high investment and your decision must therefore be carefully considered. First of all, it will be important to realize who the charging station is for and where it will be located. You will place different requirements on the company’s charging station than on the home one. Based on this, it is then necessary to consider what performance you need, choose smart features and payment system.

For companies with more employees, it is definitely appropriate for the charging station to have an RFID system that will allow employees, clients or friends of the company to connect to the station and start charging. At the same time, in the case of owning more charging stations and charging more cars, it is good to choose stations that will be able to communicate with each other and provide so-called “load balancing”, which means that the stations charge with full power until the capacity of the electricity connection is reached and the power is distributed “fairly” among all vehicles.

It is also advantageous for households to be able to connect the charging station to the house and make it adapt to the house energy requirements. During full operation, smart charging stations use only “free” current and they start charging more when the capacity is released. Or, conversely, it will reduce charging if the need of the house increases. Alternatively, the home charging station can be programmed to charge only during the night tariff, when electricity is the cheapest

Choosing a home charging station is a responsible decision where many variables need to be considered in addition to the price. You need to consider if you need a charging station with a smart system that can communicate with other stations or with the household, and for a company a payment system might come in handy. Safety, Easy-to-use, Smart, etc are also important factors you need to consider for the EV charger. Good EV chargers will greatly help you reduce your future charging costs. Choose Iocharger as your EV charger is a wise decision to make.