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Iocharger Home ESS Battery Is Now Available

As the daily-rising energy crisis and global consensus for green energy to reduce carbon emission, PV system installation is becoming more and more popular. With the PV system, people want to manage the energy smartly, then energy storage system as a solution to such requirement was born at the moment and becomes one of the hot spots of the market nowadays. Energy storage battery as an essential device in the ESS is highly required. Iocharger home ESS battery is now available for your choice.

Seamless modular design

● Easily expandable up to 8 batteries

Safety proof

● Safer and longer life-span LFP batteries

● 6 points temperature detection & inbuilt aerosol fire suppression module

High efficiency

● Integration with EV charger for energy management

Cloud system

● Monitor and manage via mobile App/ backend system

Maximize the energy efficiency and cost savings

● Recharge from free sunshine or low-cost electricity

● Use stored energy when electricity price is higher

● Intelligent control of energy flows during peak/off peak time

● Optimize EV charging efficiency and cost

One-stop energy management via mobile App