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Commercial EV Charger

OCPP 2.0.1 Plug&Charge Public EV Charger Support Credit Card Payment With POS Terminal

IOCAP06C is a great charger for outdoor public charging. Each charging connector can output maximum 22kW power at the same time.

  • Input Rating: 1-phase 230V±20% ; 3-phase 400V±20%
  • Output Rating: 1-phase 2 x 7kW 32A ; 3-phase 2 x 22kW 32A
  • Internal RCD: 2 x Type-B RCCB
  • Display: 7” LCD
  • Meter: 2 x MID meter
  • Network Interface: Ethernet/ WiFi/ 4G smart internet connection
  • OCPP: Full OCPP 1.6J/ OCPP 2.0.1 support
  • Ingress Protection: IP55
  • Shipping Dimensions: 1530 x 450 x 320 mm
  • Charging Interface: SAE J1772 & Type-2 cable/ Type-2 socket/ T2S Socket with Shutter
  • Mounting Type: Floor

IOCAP06C is especially designed for commercial charging purposes. High water and dust resistant with IP55 and IK10 protection rating make it perfect for outdoor charging locations like Gas stations, Parking lots, Street corners, etc.

Main features:

  • Flexible output current/power configuration
  • Dual Independent power control with the connectors
  • 2x Type-B RCCB
  • 2x MID Meter inside
  • Smart Network Connectivity Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Celluar
  • User authentication via RFID or Mobile App
  • User friendly web portal for charger configuration
  • Dynamic Load Management Support up to 252 pcs
  • POS terminal installation support
  • Separate MID meter reading window
  • Breathing light, Cascade connection for internet sharing
Credit Card Payment EV Charger 2

Integrate POS termial payment

IOCAP06C has integrated our latest POS terminal payment technology to maximize the user charging experience in public, workplace, commercial parking, gas stations etc. We provide a complete payment solution which including:

  •  POS terminal on AC&DC Charger or separate installation
  •  Local offline POS payment
  • Online POS payment integration with OCPP backend
  • Single POS terminal supporting multiple EV Charger connections
  • Nayax, Payter terminal

It is a perfect and complete solution for your business, providing you with easy operation, monitoring, management, and cashless payment acceptance.

Charge two cars simultaneously

Two charging connectors allow IOCAP06C can charge 2 cars simultaneously. Independent power input design makes each Type 2S socket working separately without interfering, and each Type 2S socket can output maximum 22kW power at the same time for the quick charging.

Fully OCPP compliant

As a member of OCA(OCPP) & OCPI, our EV chargers are always up to date with the latest OCPP protocol. OCPP 1.6J, OCPP 2.0.1 are now fully compliant, allowing our chargers to work harmoniously with any OCPP based platform.

Dynamic load balancing

Load balancing feature of IOCAP06 makes it perfect for commercial charging. It dynamically adjusts the power between the charging stations based on the power situation in real time, to make sure black out never happen because of overload.