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Why POS payment is important for EV charging?

ev charger with pos payment

As the demand in the electric vehicle charging market continues to evolve, more and more EV drivers are seeking POS payment solutions to settle their charging bills. This allows them to avoid installing various mobile apps or carrying RFID cards from different operators, and ensures they are not hindered by poor network connectivity at EV charging locations, which might prevent them from downloading and installing mobile apps. Using credit cards is the quickest and most familiar payment method for them. Therefore, for electric vehicle charging network operators, integrating POS payments at charging stations is essential, and they must adapt to the changing market demands promptly.


Many countries have also introduced policies to promote the adoption of cashless payment terminal solutions at electric vehicle charging stations, ensuring that EV drivers can conveniently and quickly pay for charging services. For example, in Europe, charging stations must provide secure, seamless digital payment methods to comply with regulations such as the EU’s Payment Services Directive. Similarly, in California, payment terminals are required to comply with state pricing regulations, highlighting the urgency of providing EV drivers with a reliable and efficient payment experience.


The seamless cashless payment options offered by POS terminals allow EV drivers to easily pay for charging services without the need for multiple apps. This change significantly simplifies their charging experience, making it smoother and more convenient.


iocharger has integrated POS terminal brands such as Nayax, Payter, PAX, Ingenico, and Payten, and has thoroughly validated the security and reliability of these solutions in the market, receiving unanimous praise from customers. We provide the following POS payment solutions for charging operators:

  • Online credit card via Mobile App
  • POS terminal on AC & DC Charger or separate installation
  • Local offline POS payment
  • Online POS payment integration with OCPP backend
  • Single POS terminal supporting multiple EV Chargers


The prevalence of POS payment systems across industries has enhanced consumer familiarity and usability. By extending this convenience to electric vehicle charging transactions, stakeholders can facilitate a seamless payment experience, thereby enhancing inclusivity within the electric vehicle charging ecosystem. The electronic records provided by POS payments enable precise tracking and management of charges, reducing discrepancies and streamlining the financial processes of charging operators. With robust security measures, POS payment systems safeguard sensitive payment data, bolstering consumer trust. Additionally, electronic payment records provide an audit trail for swift resolution of payment-related disputes or irregularities.


In essence, integrating POS payment systems with electric vehicle charging infrastructure represents a strategic alignment of consumer convenience, payment flexibility, operational efficiency, and heightened security. As stakeholders navigate the evolving landscape of the electric vehicle industry, continual refinement and adoption of POS payment systems will propel sustainable growth and innovation.


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