OCPP EV Charging Solutions

Commercial EV Charger

ISO15118 Plug&Charge UL Level 2 32A 40A 50A OCPP 1.6J OCPP 2.0.1 Intelligent EV Charger

IOCAH20 provides a high-quality and cost-effective EV charging station designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging to any EV in US.

  • Input Rating: Nominal 200-240V AC single-phase
  • Output Rating: 7kW 32A; 9.6kW 40A; 11kW 50A
  • Internal RCD: 20mA CCID
  • Display: 2.8” LCD
  • Network Interface: Ethernet/ WiFi/ 4G smart internet connection
  • OCPP: Full OCPP 1.6J/ OCPP 2.0.1 support
  • ISO15118 Plug & Charge: Upgradable
  • Ingress Protection: IP55
  • Shipping Dimensions: 500 x 383 x 243 mm
  • Charging Interface: SAE J1772 Type-1
  • Mounting Type: Wall or Floor( pedestal supplied separately)

Smart and intelligent EV charger for residential and commercial

The smart, easy to install charger that allows you to add smart services and manage the charger remotely. SAE J1772 plug ensures compatibility with all electric vehicles toThe all features make you get excellent experience of charging.

Main features:

  • Compatible with all EVs and power grids
  • Up to 32A, 40A, 50A versions available
  • Streamlined design, simple and elegant appearance
  • 2.8′ LCD display for easy and user-friendly operation
  • Unique installation design with independent backplate
  • Intelligent Ethernet, Cellular, WLAN Switching
  • Flexible output current/power configuration
  • Customizable breathing light according to preferences
  • Smart dynamic load balancing support
  • User authentication via RFID or Mobile App
  • Multifunctional charger commissioning web portal
  • Remote control and monitoring

Easy installation and Scalability 

The unique installation design, making it easier than ever to install and maintain a charging infrastructure. It only requires the user to hang the charger on the backplate to complete the installation, which is convenient and fast to avoid expensive installation costs.

Built with scalability in mind, IOCAH20 meets your needs today and in the future. It allows you to connect and prepare several charging stations, as well as manage an unlimited number of chargers on the same operator in CCMS.

Dynamic load balancing support

Load balancing feature of IOCAH20 makes it perfect for residential and commercial charging.

For residential use, it ensures that user can dynamically balance all the available electricity at home, including solar energy, battery system, and the circuit would never be overloaded.

For commercial use, it ensure that everyone who charges can utilize all the electricity available in the parking facility, and at all times get the fastest and most optimal charging speed. This technology also means that more chargers can be easily connected to the system as the need arises.

OCPP compliant and reliable in all situation
Fully OCPP 1.6J and OCPP 2.0.1 profiles compliant, which means you can easily connect it to any 3rd party OCPP CCMS for remote monitoring and management. It’s always connected to the charging management system so you can monitor and manage your charging stations, update software remotely and secure revenue etc.