OCPP EV Charging Solutions

Maintenance method of EV charger

1. Keep it clean

First of all, it is necessary to keep the parking space clean and the surface of the charger free of foreign objects and dust. Secondly, check whether the charger can be charged normally.

2. Check the charger

●  Check whether the indicator light of the charger is normal.

●  Be sure to pay attention to the fault display on the display screen, and repair it in time if there is a fault.

●  Be sure to pay attention to whether the charger is damaged or deformed, and check whether the circuit breaker and lightning arrester are damaged.

●  Touch the surface of the charger with your hand to feel if the temperature is too high.

●  Press the leakage test button of the circuit breaker inside the charger to see if the circuit breaker can be automatically disconnected.

3. Check the external charging cable

Check in time whether the charger wire interface, door lock, power supply, etc. are damaged, deformed, dropped, or loose.

4. Inspection of electrical and control systems

Check whether the internal equipment of each control circuit board of the charger is aging, and see if the indicators are within the normal range.

5. During charging operation

When the charger running, it can be judged by the sound of the device whether the charger is normally pulled in and whether the radiator is working normally.