OCPP EV Charging Solutions

DC Fast Charger

OCPP 1.6J OCPP 2.0.1 60kW 120kW CCS-2 + CHAdeMO + 22kW Type-2 AC & DC Combo

IOCHY3  has an output power up to 120kW with DC CCS-2 + CHAdeMO + 22kW AC Type-2 + 3.6kW Schuko outputs , which is widely used for electric bus charging. Friendly user interface with 4G/ Wi-Fi/ Ethernet communication and RFID card reader, TUV & CE certified.

  • AC Voltage: 3-phase 400V±15% AC
  • Max DC output power: DC 60kW+AC 22kW/ DC 120kW+AC 22kW
  • Output DC voltage range: 150V-1000V DC
  • Display: 8” TFT Touch Screen LCD
  • Network Interface: Ethernet/ WiFi/ 4G smart internet connection
  • OCPP: Full OCPP 1.6J/ OCPP 2.0.1 support
  • ISO15118 Plug&Charge: Upgradable
  • Ingress Protection: IP54
  • Shipping Dimensions: 2017 x 1100 x 1000 mm
  • Charging Interface: 1 CCS+ 1 CHAdeMO+ 1 AC Type-2 cable + 1 SCHUKO
  • Mounting Type: Floor

As the popularization of electric vehicles, people are more likely to drive their EVs on the road for cost saving and environment friendly purposes. Diversified charging demands become inevitably. Some people require fastest charging speed for time saving, and some people want to enjoy a cup of coffee while charging. An all-in-one charging station is now required. HY3 is designed especially for such demands.

Main features:

  • Supporting CCS, CHAdeMO and Type 2 AC charging
  • 22kW or 43 kW AC charging connector
  • ISO 15118 Plug & Charge
  • Multi languages supported
  • Daylight readable touch screen display
  • RFID authorization
  • Pin-Code (OTP)
  • Robust all weather stainless steel enclosure
  • Quick & easy installation

Latest OCPP compliant

With its fully compliance of OCPP 1.6J and OCPP 2.0 profiles, HY3 is easily to connect to any OCPP based backend.

Various means of payment

HY03 supports multiple wireless payment platforms to meet various payment requirements. Physical credit card payment module is also scalable on HY3.

Harmonious commercial EV charging

Dynamic load management is supported on HY03 as well. If the station is using hybrid grid including solar energy storage system, HY03 can work with it harmoniously with iocharger’s latest technology.