OCPP EV Charging Solutions

DC Fast Charger

OCPP 2.0.1 ISO15118 240kW 300kW 360kW 420kW Ultra fast charging station

IOCLY2 is designed for quick and convenient charging to meet the fast charging demands, easy to use for everyone.

Input Rating: 3-phase 400V±15% AC
Max DC output power: 240kW/300kW/360kW/420kW
Output DC voltage range: 150-1000V DC
Display: 21.5” CPT Touch Screen LCD
Network Interface: Ethernet/ 4G smart internet connection
OCPP: OCPP 1.6J/ OCPP 2.0.1 full profiles support
ISO15118 Plug&Charge: Upgradable
Ingress Protection: IP55
Charging Interface: Dual CCS2
Mounting Type: Floor
Dimension: 2200×850×1100mm

As rapid growth of EVs on the road nowadays, fast charging demand surges thereupon. IOCLY2 Ultra fast charging station increase charging speeds dramatically.

Main features:

  • Charging up to 420kW

  • Simultaneous charge up to 2 EVs

  • Latest OCPP 2.0.1 compliant

  • ISO15118 Plug&Charge

  • Dynamic load distribution

  • Adjustable operating current & power

  • Secure User Identification

  • Via RFID or Mobile App or Payment terminal

Multiple payment methods

IOCLY2 supports many kinds of payment to meet different payment requirements. Credit card, RFID card, NFC, Pin-Code(OTP), Mobile App payment supported. Payment gateways are available as well for convenient payment. Credit card payment terminal like Nayax, Payter are also optional for IOCLY2 if POS payment is required.  

Advertising system integration

Maximize your revenue potential with our cutting-edge solution, boasting a 21.5″ 1080P CTP Touch display and lK08 protection. Seamlessly integrate outdoor advertising sales into your operations by delivering personalized ad content to each EV charger. Engage your audience on a whole new level with targeted advertising campaigns tailored to their preferences and location.

Perfectly match energy storage system

Energy storage equipment are always required for EV charging applications with super fast chargers. With iocharger’s advanced solution of energy storage system and EV charging system, IOCLY2 can work with PV and energy storage system for super fast charging harmoniously.