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Highlights of iocharger at the EVS36 in 2023

Highlights of iocharger at the EVS36 in 2023

The highly anticipated 36th Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exposition (EVS36) took place in Sacramento, California, United States from June 11th to 14th. As a prominent global event, EVS36 brought together renowned electric vehicle manufacturers, charging station providers, and CSMS platform vendors. Among the impressive array of exhibitors, iocharger stood out with its groundbreaking OCPP EV charging & Energy management solutions, captivating the audience with their cutting-edge technology and innovation.

Highlights of iocharger at the EVS36 in 20231


OCPP 2.0.1 certificate

A major milestones of iocharger!

Delighted to announce that iocharger EV charger is now officially OCPP 2.0.1 certified by the Open Charge Alliance(OCA) during EVS36 in Sacramento, this achievement reflects our commitment to excellence and dedication to delivering value to our clients.

We’re one of only 11 companies worldwide to have been certified.

iocharger empowers a diverse range of EV charging and renewable energy applications, including OCPP AC Charger, DC Charger and Energy storage system, will also release ISO15118-20 and V2G solutions soon.

As OCA said, all companies who received OCPP 2.0.1 certification are pioneers in the EV charging sector and market leaders for their charging solutions. They have worked together with OCA in a special program to validate the OCPP 2.0.1 conformance test cases and testing procedures.

EV charger

Iocharger offers complete EV charging solutions for residential and commercial EV charging like EV chargers, charging station management system, load balancing management, mobile apps etc. Our EV chargers are compatible with all EV models and easy to connect to any 3rd party OCPP based platforms.

Load balancing feature of our EV chargers makes them perfect for residential and commercial charging. It dynamic power distribution to make sure of a safe and effective network for EV chargers, solar, grid system and energy storage system.

EV charger

The elegant and unique curved shape design make the IOCAH10 and IOCAH15 more attractive. IOCAH10 is designed with independent backplate for cable connection and fast deployment, make it easy to install to save time and cost. The chargers have integrated with our latest Bluetooth technology to maximize the user experience in challenging environments like underground parking, in apartment buildings and offices, our mobile App can work seamlessly with or without network connection.

Home Battery

Iocharger Harmony ESS stores surplus energy from solar and the grid for when you need it most, while saving your electricity bill in the process. It allows you to fully utilized the energy generated from your solar system and automatically carries out peak shaving. Moreover, it can help prevent surging demand charges, helping you to cut back significantly on your electricity bill.

Home Battery

Harmony ESS is designed to complement a variety of home styles. With auto-locking power cable connector & ergonomic handle design, it is very easy for just one man to handle the installation. Seamless connection and modular stacking up to 8 battery modules without extra accessories.

LFP batteries inside are the safest type of Lithium battery with long cycle life. Built-in aerosol fire suppression module, fire proof casing, 6 points temperature detection, and intelligent BMS secure your lifetime battery experience.

iocharger impressed attendees with its versatile product lineup, addressing diverse application needs and customer demands. Engaging in fruitful discussions, we explored innovative EV charging technologies, sharing our latest research and solutions. Together, we contribute to the advancement of electric vehicles and envision a bright future for electric transportation.

More information please visit www.iocharger.com or send email to sales@iocharger.com