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EU Needs 1 Million EV Charging Points By 2024

EVs made a huge leap forward in many countries. Now, more and more people are reaching out for electric vehicles. Industry figures show that the EU had 224,538 public charging points in 2020. In this regard carmakers, environmentalists, and consumer organizations asked the EU climate, transport, industry, and energy commissioners to set a growth goal. Which will require a certain number of public charging points in each country.

Total demand is estimated at 1 million public charging points by 2024 and 3 million by 2029 in the EU. Targets will be allocated with a formula to know how many public chargers should be installed in each country. On the basis of simple factors such as how much private charge is currently available.

In a joint letter with consumer and sustainable transport groups, the ACEA told EU commission that firm targets would also help carmakers and power grid operators because the roll-out of public charging stations, to complement workplace and home charging, has been slow and there are multiple tariffs and payment methods.