OCPP EV Charging Solutions


With the rapid growth of electric vehicles,  more and more EV chargers are needed in workplaces, public parking lots, gas stations etc. It also comes with the high levels of energy demand can maximize and economically integrate with solar and battery energy.


Full range of products

Iocharger offers complete EV charging solution for workplace EV charging, like chargers, charging management system, mobile apps, etc. Our chargers are compatible with all EV models, and easy to connect to OCPP based platforms.

Make charging more intelligent and humanized

● Multi Servers Secure System to meet different needs

● Manage EV chargers and vehicles in powerful web page

● Group management, seprate payment between private and cmpany vechicle

● Rich charging strategies and diverse discounts

● Independent billing plans and market strategy for sub-operator

● Different VIP levels provides various discounts to attract users and maintain customer royalty

● Easy remote control and convenient reservation operation.

● Dynamtic & monitor load balance management 

Put iocharger in the workplace to charge employees

Having chargers in the workplace makes your benefits package more attractive and can attract and retain top talent in your organization.EV Chargers in the workplace will make it easier for them to commute to work and work across locations. What’s more, become a member of sustainable development, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, make sustainable development the company’s goal, and enhance the image of the company.