OCPP EV Charging Solutions

Start EV Charging Business With 7 Reasons

Installing an EV charger at any business or organization can be a great way to attract new customers, maintain employee satisfaction, boost your sustainability, and literally get yourself on the map.

The benefits are vast, and the cost is lower than you may expect. With electric vehicles becoming more popular than ever, investing in EV charging today seems like a better bet than ever before.

Thinking about getting in on the EV charger trend? Here are seven benefits to installing an EV charger at your business.

1. Attract new people to visit your business – get on the map

2. Generate revenue while reducing your carbon footprint

3. Promote sustainability and corporate social responsibility

4. Futureproof your business

5. Make it a part of your benefits package

6. Tax rebates or breaks

7. Be an industry leader

EV chargers: A chance for companies to set themselves apart in today’s landscape.

The benefits of installing EV chargers on your campus or commercial property are wide and vast.

The issue is that many businesses are overwhelmed with the thought of getting involved in the EV market.

Iocharger offers these businesses various advantages that make the transition to electric mobility easier than ever. Our chargers combined with our backend system is the ideal situation for any business, combining sales, energy systems, billing, and more. With our weather-proof and future-proof level 2 AC chargers, you’ll know that you’re investing in technology that will last for years. Even better, our chargers use smart energy management techniques to balance electricity to make sure you’re not wasting any.

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