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ISO15118 Plug&Charge Overview

ISO15118 Plug&Charge is an innovative capability designed to make the charging process for electric vehicles (EVs) more seamless, efficient, and secure. Plug&Charge meets the growing need for cybersecurity in the eMobility sector.

Automatic Authentication

Plug&Charge enables EVs to undergo automatic authentication and authorization when plugged into a charging station. This eliminates the need for manual input or the use of physical charging cards. The process leverages encryption techniques and secure protocols to ensure communication integrity.

Seamless Charging Experience

By simply connecting their EV to a charging station, users can initiate the charging process effortlessly. Plug&Charge handles all authentication, authorization, and billing details automatically.

Security and Interoperability

Rooted in the ISO15118 standard, Plug&Charge ensures both the security and interoperability of the charging process. Any EV or charging station that adheres to this standard can facilitate the automated Plug&Charge functionality, irrespective of the manufacturer.

Here are some main advantages of ISO15118 Plug&Charge:

Simplified User Experience

Plug&Charge eliminates the need for charging cards or mobile applications, significantly streamlining the user experience. Users merely have to connect their EV, and the charging process initiates automatically without any additional steps.

Reduced Waiting Time

Automating the authentication and authorization process with Plug&Charge accelerates the charging initiation time, reducing waiting periods for users. This enhances the efficiency and utilization rates of charging stations.

Enhanced Security

Through advanced encryption and security protocols, Plug&Charge bolsters the safety of the EV charging process, minimizing potential security risks or malicious attacks.

Market Adoption Facilitation

Offering a standardized and unified solution, Plug&Charge promotes the adoption of EVs and charging infrastructure in the market. Manufacturers and service providers find it more straightforward to implement, ensuring a superior charging experience for consumers.

In summary, ISO15118 Plug&Charge introduces revolutionary changes to the EV charging landscape, offering a more straightforward, rapid, and secure charging experience. As this technology becomes more prevalent across charging stations and EVs, consumers can anticipate a more convenient and efficient charging journey.