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Does EV charging station need equipped with credit card reader?

Please see some opinions as below:

1. At the fast charging stations, electric drivers must download apps from various suppliers. It’s very troublesome and I don’t want to install so many apps on my smartphone.

2. Most cars have their own built in software to monitor charging remotely and just being able to tap a credit card and charge would be a much nicer user experience.

3. There’s a reason gas stations are still credit card. It’s universal and dependable. Plug&Charge is great too, but credit card should always be available.

4. Why equipped charging station with POS terrmial when you can use phone with app ( card in app)?

– CPOs doesn’t need to pay monthly fee for reader to the bank.

– User can check status of station in app before they arriving at the location.

– It’s less maintenance for charging point operators.

5. When you’re not able to get the app to load, install, or get registered for any number of reasons then you have an alternative payment method. Even just being in a parking garage can be a nightmare for the initial setup of app based chargers.

6. That would be going in the wrong direction. Even retail is moving away from credit card readers. They are slow, mechanical, and not safe. Plenty of thieves install credit card skimmers. That’s why Tesla’s lack of card readers is pretty awesome.

7. I carry a wallet with just Charging network RFID cards for every charger that I might run into. Works much more reliably than the credit card readers at most EV chargers.

8. Charging must be made easier, by making it possible to pay by card directly at the fast charger and with a system that makes the price models understandable for consumers

9. Today it is mostly possible to pay by card, but not directly via terminals at the charging stations. On the other hand, you can register the card in an app and pay via it. The price for both operator and customer skyrockets if you have to swipe the card physically, as the technology works today. Mobile payment will be the future for fast chargers

There are so many different opinions on whether the charging station needs to be equipped with a credit card reader, but the ultimate goal is to achieve simpler, faster and safer charging. This requires our continuous investigation and discussion to finally get a most correct and suitable solution.