OCPP EV Charging Solutions


Complete commercial EV charging solution

Iocharger offers complete EV charging solution for perfect public EV charging from commercial AC & DC chargers to commercial CCMS and User Apps. Our chargers are compatible with all EV models and easy to connect to any other OCPP based platforms.

Commercial dynamic load management

With iocharger’s dynamic load balancing solution, the available current will be distributed automatically and smartly between all the public chargers. All EVs can make the charging freely without fear of a blackout. Multiple payment platforms supported in iocharger’s solution, to meet EV drivers’ heterogeneous payment methods, and then make the EV operators realize maximum profits easily.

Compatible with solar energy storage system

Solar energy regarded as cleanest energy is the future for our green globe. With iocharger’s latest energy storage solution, EV Operators are easily to reach the goal if he wants to add photovoltaic energy storage system to his public EV charging system. Environment friendly and also profitable are thus realized at the same time by our advanced solution.