OCPP EV Charging Solutions

Charging Station Management System

Energy Management System For Residential And Commercial

A lightweight commercial platform including charging schedule management, family and company group management, energy management.

  • Device Management: Yes
  • Real-time Monitoring: Yes
  • User Management: Yes
  • RFID Card Management: Yes
  • Load Balancing Management: Yes
  • Firmware Management: Yes
  • Charging Record: Yes
  • Fault Management: Yes

Simple management and Easy access to all information.
Only few maintenance personnel are required, and all chargers can be monitored remotely without going to the site.

Main features:

● Device management: Charger, energy gateway management and one-click firmware upgrade.

● Real-time monitoring: Remote maintenance and diagnosis of chargers, real-time statistics of charging data.

● User Management: User group management, RFID management, reservation record viewing and management.

● Charge record: All charge records can be queried, single data quick condition query.

Lightweight and convenient management

IOCLITE is a convenient and fast commercial management platform. It is suitable for various application scenarios such as home, community, parking lot and company. Operators can easily master operation and maintenance without investing too much learning cost.

The software can also easily realize multi-group management and multi-load balancing management. Protect the operator’s station power environment to be more reliable and stable.

Save labor costs and improve efficiency

Efficient Management – Remote management and monitoring with minimal staff is required. One-click to update the firmware of the pile, and all the information is under control at the first time. Invest less capital and manpower, operate easily and earn more wealth.

IoC Family mobile app

● Family and company group management

● View all records of charging transactions

● Star and stop charging via RFID card or the APP

● Monitor charging status remotely

● Set schedules to charge at any time

● Eco-friendly with solar & battery integration

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