OCPP EV Charging Solutions

Energy Storage System

225kWh Integrated With Hybrid Inverter Commercial Energy Storage System

All-in-one Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage Solution

  • Battery: LiFePO4
  • Battery Capacity: 225 kWh
  • Depth of Discharge: 95%DOD
  • Max. Charging: 0.6C
  • Max. Discharge: 0.6C
  • Rated Voltage: 220/380(-15%~+10%),3P+N+PE
  • Operating Voltage: 628V DC ~ 806V DC
  • Protection Level: IP55
  • Dimension: 1250 x 2260 x 1150mm
  • Cycle Life: 6000 Cycles

Main Features:

  • All-in-one DC-independent & AC-connected solution
  • Flexible, infinitely scalable modular layout.
  • Highest level of security
  • Easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Meet all the needs of utility and commercial users
  • Power expansion to save the grid upgrading cost
  • Cloud EMS to monitor live energy status

All-in-one Solution

Every LiHub is standardized designed with full integrated long cycle life LFP batteries, intelligent BMS, high performance PCS, active safety system and smart AC/DC power distribution system.


Highest Level of Safety

  • Independent Control to eliminate battery family circulation and DC arcing
  • 4 levels of fire protection including cell level temp. Sensor, pack level aerosol fire extinguisher, cluster level temperature and smoke detection & alarm system, and cabinet level heptafluoropropane fire extinguisher.
  • Comprehensive testing houses like a short circuit, extrusion, voltage drop, over voltage, under voltage, overcharge, over discharge, salt spray, high temperature and overheating
  • High safety management including full sensor coverage of cell voltage and temp, equalization control of cells and modules, intelligent power distribution at the cluster level, intelligent temperature control, collaborative management of PCS and BMS

Multiple Applications

  • Peak Shaving, discharge at times of peak demand to avoid or reduce demand charges.
  • Load Shifting, Shift energy consumption from one point in time to another to avoid paying high energy prices. Where applicable, this price optimization accounts for solar or other on-site generation.
  • Emergency Backup, Provide intermediate backup power to your business in the event of a grid interruption. This function can be standalone or tied to solar.
  • Demand Side Response, discharge instantly in response to signals from a demand response administrator to alleviate peaks in system load.
  • Micro-grid, build a localized grid that can disconnect from the main power grid, operating independently and reinforcing overall grid resilience.
  • Power Expansion, supply power and energy capacity at a distributed location to defer or eliminate the need to upgrade aging grid infrastructure.