May 10, 2022

Smart and simple level 2 EV charger for private home and residential apartments.


Full range of products

Iocharger offers complete EV charging solution for residential EV charging, like chargers, energy management system, mobile apps, etc. Our chargers are compatible with all EV models, and easy to connect to OCPP based platforms.


iocharger OCPP EV charging and energy solution for home and residential


The most convenient construction solution

With the increasing demand for electric vehicle charging, it's essential to have a construction solution that is both convenient and cost-effective. We provide such a solution with the unique backplate design, which allows for mass pre-installation during building construction. This significantly reduces on-site installation time and costs, making it an ideal solution for newly planned residential areas.


What's more, the independent backplate design makes it easy for users to install the charger without the need for professional electricians, saving them valuable time and money. In case of a charger malfunction, operators can simply replace the charger without removing the backplate, resulting in lower maintenance costs.


With us, building owners and operators can benefit from a hassle-free and efficient charging solution that meets the needs of their residents, while minimizing installation and maintenance expenses.


 The most convenient construction ev charging solution for residential and commercial


Residential dynamic load Management

With iocharger's dynamic load balancing solution, the available current will be distributed automatically and smartly between EV charger and all other home appliances. 


Solar and battery system regarded as cleanest energy is the future for our green globe. With iocharger's latest energy storage solution, users are easily to reach the goal if he wants to add photovoltaic energy storage system to his residential EV charging system. Environment friendly and also profitable are thus realized at the same time by our advanced solution.

iocharger OCPP Residential dynamic load balancing Management

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